What are the Features of Video Conferencing Program?

Today, with the development of technology, many transactions have started to be performed online. In this way, face-to-face meetings are now digitalized. In addition to the advantages of face-to-face communication, there are many advantages to online video conferences.

  What is Video Conference?

  Video conference, also known as video teleconferencing, is the name given to a technology that enables simultaneous video or audio conversation in two or more places. This program, which is preferred especially in job interviews, is frequently preferred due to its many advantages. In the old times, a lot of time was spent on video conferences. But today, video conferencing has moved to smart computers and tablets. Video conferences can be made easier with the programs loaded there.

  What are the Advantages of Video Conferencing Programs?

  Meetings held in companies are of great importance for the development of communication. These meetings, which are now held in today's technology, take place over video conferencing. Video conference programs provide many advantages thanks to their features. The advantages of video conferencing programs are:

  - Outside the workplace, interviews can be made easily from home or anywhere, without the need to travel.

 - There is no specific space limitation to create synergy and communicate with the team.

 - Screen or file-sharing can be made in video conference programs. For this reason, there is no interruption in team decision making and sharing.

  What are the Features of Video Conferencing Programs?

  With today's technological developments, there are many high quality and reliable video conference sites. With the increase in these programs, interviews are also made easier. The features of video conferencing programs are:

  - The most important feature of video conference programs is the voice call feature. Similar to a phone call, with the B feature, calls can only be made on the audio band.

 - With the video call feature, the video call feature can be made in video conference programs. This feature is the primary feature of video conferencing programs.

 - Some video conference programs allow participants to chat in text. These chats can also be recorded.

 - With the screen sharing feature, participants can share their screens with other participants during the video conference.

 - File sharing feature enables files to be sent between participants during the conversation.

 - The scheduling feature enables meetings to be planned.

 - Some video conference programs also have a recording feature. This feature allows video or audio calls to be recorded.

  What Should Be Considered When Making Video Conferencing?

  Many factors nowadays can affect video conference calls when working from home. The points to be considered in order to make video conferences more efficient and quality are as follows:

  - During video conferencing, noise should be avoided.

 - In order to avoid problems in video or voice calls, it is necessary to make sure that the performance of the device used is sufficient.

 - Before starting video conference calls, it should be checked whether the internet is sufficient.

 - If the video conference call is to be made from a device, external microphone headphones should be used, not the internal speaker or microphone of that device. This ensures that the sound goes to the other party better and that people can hear the other party better.