What is an Online Meeting

One of the most important jobs in business life is meetings. The meeting is of great importance in the business world. The opinion that meetings should be held frequently for the efficient and regular operation of the companies has been adopted by many companies. For this reason, many successes nowadays pass through healthy meetings.

  What is a meeting?

  A meeting is given to a group formed by the gathering of more than one person for a specific purpose. One of the main elements of corporate communication is meeting. Meetings take place with at least two people. A specific place and time is determined for the meeting. In addition, the meetings are not only specific to companies or workplaces. People can come together for any reason. The most important point here is how the meeting will take place.

  What is an Online Meeting?

  Many different innovations have come in the new generation working order. One of them is the online meeting program. The place of time spent in the company has been completely digitalized and meetings have started to be held in this environment. Online meeting is the process of making regular meetings held in companies digitally.

  Online meetings play an important role in the new lifestyle. Online meetings, which are preferred with limited facilities, are a good alternative in terms of time management. These time-saving meetings also contribute positively to decision-making processes.

  With online meetings, not only top executives but also people come together to exchange ideas among themselves. Discussions about a presentation or project can easily be done online.

  What are Online Meeting Rules?

  The rules can be a little more flexible in online meetings than in regular meetings. However, as in the real environment, the meetings held in the virtual environment also have certain kings. These kings are:


 - Online meetings are held on time and there is no deviation in time.

 - It is very important to prepare for online meetings with care, as in real meetings.

 - The purpose of the meeting should be specified in online meetings.

 - People should adjust themselves to the online meeting.

 - There should be no distractions during the online meeting.

 - Drinks such as tea and coffee should not be kept during the meeting.

 - The manager must have a good command of the meeting.

 - People who have a say in the meeting should share every detail with the people.

 - The conclusions reached at the end of the meeting should be stated during the meeting.

 - The manager or the person organizing the meeting should give everyone a voice to the meeting.

  What is the Purpose of Online Meeting?

  Online meetings have more than one purpose. First of all, the purpose of online meetings is to avoid wasting time. In addition, since there will not be a meeting in the real environment later, it also provides profit in terms of costs. In this way, the meeting will turn into a more efficient meeting. With this meeting model, time will be saved and employees will not be taken on time. Today, many people use smart devices. For this reason, online studies are also more useful. In addition, people who are sick or cannot come to work will not be able to attend the meeting.